The Giles Home – South Plymouth Ave.

Tour Year: 2011
Year Built: 1985
Street: South Plymouth Av

In 1982, the Mark IV Construction Company completed the first phase of its Corn Hill Commons townhouses. This was the City of Rochester’s first comprehensive housing development in 30 years! These residences were advertised as maintaining “the flavor of Victorian America, coupled with the convenience of today.” Over a five-year period, hundreds more housing units would be constructed on 12 Corn Hill acres. Note that this particular row of South Plymouth Avenue townhouses changed their appearance to multi-colored exteriors during the 2011 Corn Hill Commons re-siding project.

Today, this charming townhouse is opened on our Holiday House Tour for the first time. Visitors will be awed at the dramatic red, black, and grey Art Deco interior setting. The owner has enjoyed 12 years of living here and collecting artwork that reflects New York City, Jazz, and Fashion. Be sure to enter his basement “man cave,” where it’s all about African art. Our host extends a cordial “Welcome to my home!”

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