Fox House/Snyder-Phillips Home ∙ Victorian/Eastlake

Tour Year: 2022
Year Built: 1888
Street: Greenwood St

This home is built in the Victorian/Eastlake style and first appears on an 1888 map marked “AE Fox.” Franklin Fox, the owner, was a wheelwright. The property was on land previously belonging to Isaac Loomis. By 1970, there was an absentee owner who rented the property.   In danger of demolition, the house was completely rehabilitated in 1972 by New Rochester, a group of suburban investors who purchased properties on South Washington, Troup, Atkinson, Greenwood, and Eagle Streets, and fixed up the homes to sell them to owners who would occupy, not rent them. Greenwood Street was saved from urban renewal in its entirety, having lost none of its houses.  In the spirit of revitalization, many Greenwood residents formed a neighborhood group called the Greenwood Area Association – the forerunner of the current Corn Hill Neighbors Association.

The current residents are very new to Corn Hill, having lived here for less than a year. They were enchanted by the history and architecture of the area, the close-knit community, and the proximity to downtown and running trails. A sister also lives close by, which was an added perk.

Note the gorgeous front doors which are original, the exposed brick, artsy staircase, and huge upstairs bathroom with skylight.  The dining area features four pieces of movement photography by Kent Loeffler, a former photographer for Cornell University’s plant pathology department. The owners are quite happy with their home but hope to eventually alter the layout of the kitchen to open up the space.

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