V. J. Levy House

Tour Year: 2012
Year Built: 1887
Street: Glasgow St

Delehanty Residence

This Eastlake style Victorian home was built as a single-family house in the late 1880’s.  Early in the 20th century, Dr. V.J. Levy, the first African American dentist in Rochester, purchased it and practiced dentistry here for many years. The first floor served as his office while he lived on the second and third floors. It’s rumored that he used the third floor to improve his golf game by installing his very own putting green. A prominent member of the Jewish community, Dr. Levy also served on the Red Wings board of directors. After his death, the house was divided into two apartments, one downstairs and another on the second and third floors.

The current owners purchased the home in 2002, having previously owned a smaller house on Hubbell Park, just one block away. They note that sometimes during the arts festival, complete strangers stop by and comment, “I once had a tooth pulled here.” They quickly converted the house back into a single-family residence as they were expecting the birth of their first child. Now, three children, aged nine, six, and six-months, fill this home with laughter, love and the stampeding of little feet. The owners are both teachers at East High School and have frequently offered their wonderful home as a place to entertain students, family and friends.

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