Dopp House/Schneider-Dobbs Home ∙19th Century Vernacular Cottage

Tour Year: 2022
Year Built: 1830
Street: Adams St

This example of a 19th century vernacular cottage with Greek Revival features was originally located on Edinburgh Street, in danger of demolition.  Purchased by a Corn Hill neighbor, the house was moved to Adams Street in 1977. It is believed to have been built around 1830, although the first historical record is in the 1850’s. The first house directory in 1892 lists Charles L. Dopp as the owner. The main portion of the house is post-and-beam construction, and originally contained a double parlor with a central fireplace and a bedroom and bath above. The rear portion is a later addition, and at one time had entirely independent appliances (kitchen, plumbing, etc.) from the main house.

The current residents have lived in Corn Hill for 2 ½ years.  The charm, colors, history of the home and project list proved an irresistible combination on their first visit, even though they had no plans to buy! They have since re-leveled and refinished the original pine flooring, rebuilt the mantle which was salvaged during urban renewal (uncovering a message!), and refinished all trim in the bedroom, living room and dining room. The open shelves in the kitchen are salvaged, refinished cherry.  Outdoors required foundation work to the side porch, a new roof, and painting of the front of the house.  Clearly, this was a labor of love!

The art behind the couches is a real photograph of a mineral. Other art includes pictures of Detroit and Bordeaux, two cities that have special meaning for the homeowners.

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