Stevens/Walls House/Singer Home – Clarissa St.

Tour Year: 2009
Year Built: 1900
Street: Clarissa St

Former residents of this house highlight its significance. When Clarissa Street was known as Caledonia Avenue, the Stevens family called this house their home. Jessie Stevens operated a grocery store down the street on the corner of Spring Street. Daughter Jennie’s son, Charles Price, became the first African American officer on the Rochester police force. Daughter Bessie Walls became a teacher and, for quite some time, was the only African American teacher in the Rochester City School District.

Bessie and her husband lived here until the early 1960s when they sold the homestead to Aunt Pearl James. Aunt Pearl served for many years at Strong Memorial Hospital, as well as the Elks Club.

The current owners bought the home in 1984. After their three children grew up and moved out on their own, they opened up the house as a Bed and Breakfast. They also operate their herbal tea business, Hallelujah Royal Heritage Tea, from the house.

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