The Rowley-Frost House – South Plymouth Ave.

Tour Year: 2014
Year Built: 1870
Street: South Plymouth Av

This historic home-turned-office building will serve as the refreshment stop during this year’s tour. The Italian Villa at 252 South Plymouth Avenue is home to Capstone Information Technologies, Inc. The company, with a staff of 20, provides IT services to small and medium businesses throughout Western New York.

The 4,000 square foot building was built in 1870 by William and Caroline Rowley. The next owner was Edward Frost, who was followed by Mr. Greenburg, an attorney. Upon his death it became the law office of Mr. Falk & Associates.

The owners and CEOs of Capstone Information Technologies, Inc. are Sitima and Michael Fowler. Prior to purchasing Rowley-Frost in 2008, they rented offices in the Corn Hill area. As the business grew, so did their need for more physical space. While briefly debating moving their business closer to their home in Fairport, they realized they had come to enjoy the convenience of Corn Hill; the ease of walking to restaurants and the emerging opportunities associated with downtown development. The Fowlers elected to stay in the area when Rowley-Frost became available, thus renovating, painting and restoring much of the grandeur of this stately dwelling. Initially they rented out the upper level of the building, but now their business has grown to the point where they occupy all offices on both floors.

The building provides an excellent example of creating a business space while retaining the fundamental character of a historic home. Many of the offices have restored chandeliers, molding, floors and fireplaces.

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