Hawley House/Copeland Home – Eagle St.

Tour Year: 2009
Year Built: 1880
Street: Eagle St

This lovely Queen Anne Victorian appears to have been built in approximately 1880. The land itself, originally owned by Judge Chapin, was sold to Nelson G. Hawley, a State Street bookbinder, for $423.63. Mr. Hawley had planned to build a row house and live in one side of the structure but, unfortunately, he did not survive to see the house finished. It was eventually occupied by the McKelvey family. The two halves were originally mirror images and the two front parlors were joined by double arched brick passageways. Currently, the two dwellings are quite different, with #21 (on the holiday tour last year) retaining much of the original Victorian spirit and #23 updated to a modern, open structure. The current homeowner lived in New York City for many years, moving to Rochester 11 years ago. Many Corn Hill homes, and his home in particular, reminded him of the brownstones on the upper east side of Manhattan. He bought his current home in May 2005 and Corn Hill has become “home” to this New York City transplant. He loves the neighborhood and has made many friends in this close knit community. He values how the neighbors look out for one another.

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