Mark IV Townhouse/Giles-Padilla Home ∙ Modern Townhome

Tour Year: 2022
Year Built: 1985
Street: South Plymouth Av

In 1982, Mark IV Construction Company completed the first phase of Corn Hill Commons townhouses.  This was the City of Rochester’s first comprehensive housing development in 30 years and the second housing rejuvenation in Corn Hill.  Mark IV used the land near the river left vacant after urban renewal to build the current townhouses. Hundreds more would be constructed on 12 acres in the coming years. Although, unlike the 19th-century homes for which the neighborhood is known, what these residences lack in history, they make up for with modern conveniences and easier maintenance.  As of 2022, this townhome has a new “view” of the Genesee River with the completion of the North Star Commons riverfront project.

The current owner has lived in Corn Hill for 25 years. He was attracted to the diversity and history of the area and its location on the banks of the Genesee River. 

The guest bathroom has recently been remodeled and the basement and master bedroom are also being updated. Note the black and white floor and the tin ceiling on the first floor, the tribute to New York City leading to the upstairs, and the wall mural in the guest bedroom. The basement boasts a wine cellar and throughout the house is collected artwork that reflects New York City, Jazz, and Fashion.

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