Dixon Home • Victorian Bracketed

Tour Year: 2023
Year Built: 1851
Street: Greenwood St

This home, which first appear on an 1851 map, is an example of Victorian bracketed architecture, with simple stone lintels and sills flanking windows and doors, and bracketed eaves. The original owner was J. Seabery, but an 1888 Platt map shows ownership by a LB and Laura McGuire. It is believed that two of the younger famed spiritualist Fox sisters – Maggie and Kate – lived for a time in a little wooden cottage on a short alley going south from Troup Street near older sister Leah’s house – close behind this address! 

A succession of occupants followed, none of whom were distinguished. Many homes on the small side streets in Corn Hill were owned by craftspeople and shopkeepers of modest circumstances. In the 1960s, the home was purchased by Gerry Smith, who began renovations that were completed by New Rochester, a group of investors who purchased properties on South Washington, Troup, Atkinson, Greenwood, and Eagle Streets, and fixed them up to sell to homeowners who would occupy rather than rent them. The Landmark Society’s efforts completely saved Greenwood Street because it lost none of its homes, had no new replacements, and had modest-sized homes that were simpler to renovate. Many artistic people lived on Greenwood, and in the spirit of revitalization, they formed a neighborhood group called the Greenwood Area Association, the forerunner of the Corn Hill Neighbors Association.

The current owners purchased the property in 2020. They were drawn to the great location, the charm and neighborhood feel of Greenwood Street, and the great sense of pride of ownership in Corn Hill. They have been renovating since they moved in: an apartment at the back of the home, a new kitchen and baths in the front of the home, and the installation of a new driveway with outdoor landscaping. Their home features several pieces by Corn Hill Festival artists Rachel and Cordell Cordaro. Note the mounting block, which still exists at the front of the property.

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