Mark IV Townhouse/Simser Home • Modern Townhome

Tour Year: 2023
Year Built: 1986
Street: Cornhill Pl

This home was built in 1986 as part of the Mark IV Construction Company’s 20-year Corn Hill Project, which culminated in the build of Corn Hill Landing on Exchange Boulevard. Initially, many builders were moving away from downtown construction and branching out into the suburbs, but their forward-looking plan attempted to meet the needs of a specific section of the market: young couples and empty-nesters who were returning to the city to live. These homes were advertised as maintaining “the flavor of Victorian America, coupled with the convenience of today.” 

The current owners moved into their Corn Hill Place home 24 years ago as empty nesters at the beginning of the city’s resurgence. They wanted a townhome with a fireplace and air-conditioning that was near green space. The courtyard and front patio of this Corn Hill Place home fit the bill. After 24 years, they have updated almost everything in the house, but of note are their cherry hardwoods, custom railings, and the conversion of their fireplace to gas. They love the open floor plan of their home and the interesting artwork collected over the years on their walls. They value their close-knit neighborhood community and are still enjoying the revival of downtown Rochester and that of the Genesee riverfront.

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