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clarissa street vintage

Remarkable Residents from the Clarissa Street Corridor

Present Corn Hill residents pride themselves on involvement in their neighborhood – something they have diligently worked to build and retain. Yet over 90 years ago and for a span […]

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Plymouth Park | Lunsford Circle Park olmsted

Corn Hill’s Olmsted Connection: Lunsford Circle Park

Many of Rochester’s beautiful parks and parkways were designed in the 1880s by 19th century American landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted. The most well-known of these include Highland, Genesee Valley, […]

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199 S Plymouth Ave

Roswell and Romanta Hart

Part 1 There are two men with the same last name—Roswell Hart (1773-1824) and Romanta Hart (1800-1877)—who moved from Connecticut to Brighton, New York in the early Nineteenth Century. I […]

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Frederick Douglass Statue

Frederick Douglass’ Fourth of July Message

At the height of demonstrations following George Floyd’s death by asphyxiation when Minneapolis policemen knelt on him during an arrest, the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints of the National […]

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charles mulford robinson

Charles Mulford Robinson

Part 1 I became the Corn Hill historian in October 2014. I knew little about our neighborhood’s past and immediately set about reading everything I could find. The first significant […]

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elizabeth lee corn hill

Elizabeth Lee

Part 1 I’m going to whine about the difficulties of historical research. The original owner of my house at 80 Glasgow Street was a widow named Elizabeth Lee. She is […]

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