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Corn Hill Arts Festival, 50 Years of Poster Art

Perhaps the most graphic way of reviewing the entire 50-year history of the Corn Hill Arts Festival is through an examination of its festival posters. CHNA’s newest book, Corn Hill Arts Festival, 50 Years of Poster Art, written by Corn Hill author Rob Goodling, contains full-page images of these posters along with fascinating interviews that […]

Library Events Calendar

Event calendars for both the Phillis Wheatley and Central Library (located in downtown) are now integrated with the Corn Hill website. You can view upcoming library events for both branches on the CHNA Home Page or the more detailed Library Events Page.

Corn Hill Gazette | February-March 2019

The February-March 2019 Corn Hill Gazette is now available for Download.

Bogie’s Mother, part 2

If you missed it, read Bogie’s Mother, part 1. In the 1890s, Belmont DeForest Bogart courted the highly successful artist Maud Humphrey. The attraction was mutually intense and marriage seemed imminent. However, Maud was a feminist and an outspoken advocate of Rochester’s Susan B. Anthony—too independent for Bogart’s taste. They broke up and seemed to […]

Kudos to Jim DeVinney – “Eyes on the Prize” wins Legacy Award

Thirty years ago, Corn Hill Historian Jim DeVinney was part of a producing team in Boston that created Eyes on the Prize, a PBS series that told the story of the Civil Rights Movement in America. Following the original broadcast, Jim earned two television Emmys for documentary writing and an Academy Award nomination. On January […]

Corn Hill Doors Sculpture Coming This Spring

The Corn Hill Arts Committee is proud to announce that a new sculpture will soon be added to our Corn Hill neighborhood. The Arts Committee held a contest last fall, seeking submissions from many artists. The winning entry was submitted by Amelia Toelke, an award winning artist from Chatham, NY. Amelia’s concept includes two identical […]


For over 30 years Corn Hill has celebrated our vibrant neighborhood by hosting a Holiday House Tour in December. The 2019 Holiday House Tour is in need of a person to co-chair the 2019 house tour with Joyce Steel, who was the 2018 co-chair. Please consider becoming involved with this festive Corn Hill event. If […]

CHNA Final 2019 Budget Approval

The Corn Hill Neighbors Association budget is the document that shows our priorities for the upcoming year. Soliciting committee budgets from each committee, administrative and special projects budgets from the president, and assembling these figures into an overall income/expense plan for the year create each budget. Through board discussion, changes and voting, the CHNA Board of Directors arrives at a proposed budget. At […]

Meeting Minutes: West River Wall Reconstruction – Preliminary & Final Design

Attached are the minutes from the Corn Hill public meeting on the West River Wall Reconstruction – Preliminary & Final Design. The meeting took place at Phillis Wheatley Community Library | 33 Dr Samuel McCree Way, Rochester, NY 14608 on November 7, 2018 • 6:00-8:00 PM. The attached document was prepared for the New York […]

Bogie’s Mother, part 1

The cover of this year’s guide for the Holiday Tour of Homes features artwork by Maud Humphrey who, in the late Nineteenth Century, lived briefly at #5 Greenwood Street. An excellent artist, her work is often overshadowed by the fact that her son was movie actor Humphrey Bogart. Someone has traced a genealogy of mother […]