Mark IV House

Tour Year: 2017
Year Built: 1986
Street: Adams St

Anita Hansen sleeps in the guest room because it offers her better feng shui* than the master bedroom. Which one would you choose—although it’s hard to argue with a woman who retired from Kodak after thirty years to pursue a second career as an interior designer.

When Ms. Hansen moved into this recently built townhouse in 1989 as its first owner, it offered a fresh palette on which to realize her ideas. Over the years she has remodeled the kitchen, both bathrooms and a powder room and replaced the home’s mechanical systems. She has cast her creative eye on every square inch of this space to stunning effect, from the adobe-colored walls of her kitchen to the “Colorado room” on the second floor where she watches television.

It all seems perfect and yet it changes every six months—she has a summer look and a winter look, swapping the colors of her furnishings and even the artwork on the walls twice a year.

There’s more. The Ralph Avery Mall is just outside her front door where she can experience the changing seasons and the newly created Walk of Wisdom in a park-like setting. All of this offers Ms. Hansen even more inspiration. How’s that for feng shui?

*Feng Shui literally translates to “wind and water.” It is a Chinese philosophy that seeks to create an environment in which people can live harmoniously with the natural world. It considers everything from the orientation of buildings in a city to the arrangement of furniture and other items in a room. Proponents believe it promotes better health, stronger relationships and greater success in the world.

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