Ianazzi Home – Adams St.

Tour Year: 2009
Year Built: 1880s
Street: Adams St

This small brick cottage stands today as the result of a change in community development policy from that of demolition to conservation. It originally served the servants of some of Corn Hill’s wealthiest families. It was bought by a previous owner for $800 at a city auction in 1977 to save it from the wrecking ball. He filled three dumpsters with the debris he and friends hauled out of the house.

The present owners have owned the home since 1999. The backyard was completely re-landscaped in 2006 to create an easy-to-maintain urban space. The new design mantra for the house is “ease of living.” The owners want to create an easy to maintain, work-free environment.

An exterior renovation, complete with a new front landscape, picket fence and new paint color is set for spring 2010.

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