Caruso Home

Tour Year: 2012
Year Built: 1988
Street: Clarissa St

This charming townhouse was one of seven condos built in the first phase of an award winning Corn Hill Village on Greig Street at Clarissa. These were developed along the lines of a 19th century English country compound, each unit with a different layout rather than “cookie-cutter” sameness. This townhouse facing Clarissa Street was constructed with a two-bedroom plan that allowed for a master suite to be added on the second floor and has a full basement. Inside a very unique fireplace mantel and hardwood floors are featured.

The home’s current owner (its fourth) purchased his residence in 2011 and, upon settling in, immediately began several upgrades. A retired history professor and drama director, his collection of over 160 theatrical posters date from 1969-2011. While only a few are displayed on walls, the remainder may be viewed in three artist portfolios, which are available for inspection.

Outside, to the west, you’ll notice Corn Hill’s newest housing development—the Clarissa-Santiago townhouse complex. When completed, this project will consist of 8 townhouses in 2 four-unit buildings.

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