Mark IV on Avery Mall – Adams St.

Tour Year: 2014
Year Built: 1986
Street: Adams St

This home is one of seven townhouses built as part of the Mark IV Construction project, designed to complement Avery Mall Park and named after well-known Rochester watercolor artist Ralph Avery who lived in Corn Hill.

This end unit abuts Adams Street and Avery Mall Park and features a large living room and kitchen on the ground level, three bedrooms upstairs and a partly finished basement.
The view from the living room is of the Avery Mall Park where people going to and fro frequently stop to sit and enjoy the many large flower pots maintained by the Corn Hill Neighbor Association’s Beautification Committee.

We see Adams Street from the dining room and enjoy the many types of birds eating at our bird feeders. We have a running fight with six squirrels but we think we are winning.
Our joy is the brick enclosed patio, our oasis, where we spend many contented hours. Even during the Corn Hill Festival we are not very conscious of street noise.

Friday evenings in the summer we join the denizens of Corn Hill in the Avery Park Mall for drinks and snacks and catch up on the Corn Hill news, vacation plans, talk about books, movies, current events, etc.

Since our April 2011 arrival we have upgraded the kitchen with new appliances, cupboards, countertops, an eating area and refurbished our powder room. Our bedroom has been repainted and the upstairs has new carpet. All seven of the Avery townhouses were resided in 2014.
At Halloween we love having 400 kids come knocking on our door. Some of the kids remember us from year to year.

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