Fenner House/ Cornhill Bell Home ∙ Queen Anne

Tour Year: 2022
Year Built: 1890
Street: South Fitzhugh St

This classic Queen Anne House was built in 1890 by Edward Fenner, a lawyer, excise commissioner, and District Attorney General who resided here until 1907.  Luther McNeal, a clerk, and his wife Laura, a music teacher, lived in the home from 1907-1908, after which the Herman Meyering family occupied the residence until 1925. The Dipasquale family resided here during the 1950s and 1960s.  By 1970, the home had become a rooming house and the interior of the upper floors was damaged by fire in 1974.  When purchased by the Micheners in 1975, it was necessary to install a reinforcing steel beam to tie the sagging sections of the house together, as it was literally breaking in half.  A number of interior features were salvaged from the old schools #3 and #9, including wood and slate flooring, marble made into a hearth, and kitchen light fixtures. Repurposing materials from demolished structures was common in the rehabilitation of many Corn Hill homes.

The current residents have lived in Corn Hill for two years. They wanted to live downtown within walking distance to businesses and events and were looking for a unique property that they could fix up to make their own.  They have done extensive renovations to restore the character of the house and to reflect their own design style – refinishing all of the walls and restoring the wood flooring, fully renovating the upstairs bathroom, and exposing the brick fireplace that was hiding behind the drywall.

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