South Fitzhugh St.

Tour Year: 2010
Year Built: 1980s
Street: South Fitzhugh St

This home’s original owners were Vietnamese and proprietors of a Rochester jewelry store which specialized in handmade custom gold and silver jewelry. They hid dozens of relatives who, in return, assisted with the production of jewelry for the family-run business. The newly arrived refugees lived in the basement while being taught the skills to craft jewelry. Neighbors recount stories of chickens fleeing from the basement and running down the carriage lane.

Originally, the living quarters of the house were elaborately decorated with Asian influence. The fireplace and mantle were encased in green marble and the wood throughout the house had been sheathed with glossy black spray paint. The balusters of the staircase had been removed and in their place were plates of glass nailed in with trim that had been dipped in that same black lacquer spray paint.

The home now reflects its current owners’ love for contemporary design. Clean lines and bright colors have replaced the dark walls, floors and fireplace. Participants of the 2007 house tour may recall the upstairs was in the process of being converted…those participants will now have the opportunity to view the completed renovation. The former apartment has been transformed into a full master suite. Additional projects completed since the 2007 tour include a new, open floor plan kitchen, updated bathroom and patio.

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