Whittlesey | Greek Revival with Lintels

Tour Year: 2021
Year Built: Before 1865
Street: Tremont Cir

Franklin Whittlesey was a real estate speculator who built and then lived in this home in the Whittlesey land tract.   The address was first Clay Street, then Tremont Street. When Rutland Street joined Tremont, it became a Circle. Over the many owners, there have been some additions and changes to the core house. 

As the homes and businesses of Clarissa Street developed, so did the density of the area.   However, after urban renewal demolitions, there was ample lawn space.  The former owner added the large porch, one of the most spacious in Corn Hill, in 1993.  Along with the central location. Like all the homeowners on tour, friendly neighbors that encourage community participation were an attraction.

Recently, the home returned to a single dwelling, with a new kitchen, bathroom, and laundry area created in the apartment space.

Older homes require essential updates, especially the foundation, and while this work is not visually spectacular, it adds to the home’s longevity.  You will see some old pictures of the boarded house during the ’60s. As you enter, notice the old doors and soapstone fireplace.

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