Henry G. Spurr/Soderstrom-Boyd House

Tour Year: 2017
Year Built: 1870s

Corn Hill’s house tour tradition began in 1971 when the Landmark Society conducted a House and Garden tour during the third Corn Hill Art Show. When people got inside these old homes, many of them began to see the possibilities of living in Corn Hill.

In December 1977, a young couple, Christian Soderstrom and Bonita Boyd, bought this Italian Villa style house built by Henry G. Spurr in the early 1870s. The following July, they welcomed visitors into their home as part of the 1978 tour. Among many improvements they had made in six months, two small rooms had been turned into one large living-dining room, a space you will see today. The house was also on tour in 1981 and one final time in 1984, the last year that tours were part of the summer Arts Fest before becoming a holiday tradition. This is the first time that any part of the house has been open to the pubic since then.

Chris Greenlee, the current resident in the apartment open today, calls himself a “rescuer.” Some of his furnishings have been salvaged after being relegated to the curb by previous owners. This is a long-standing tradition in Corn Hill where many families have restored their older homes by using discarded items such as plumbing fixtures, fireplaces, and even wrought iron fencing.

Chris has carefully integrated these acquisitions with pieces that once belonged to his mother and grandmother.  The walls are decorated with posters and artwork he has accumulated over the years. Some items are original works given to him by friends. The entire apartment is tasteful and calm, a reflection of the man who lives here.

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