Mark IV – South Fitzhugh St.

Tour Year: 2017
Year Built: 1982
Street: South Fitzhugh St

Artists live here…and it shows.

Jim Hansen, a highly praised choreographer, is Interim Chair of the Dance Department at SUNY/Brockport. Brian O’Neill is a fulltime professional artist whose work is beautifully displayed throughout their home.

When it was time to buy a house, they knew what they wanted—a home on this block. They wrote to residents along the street asking if any of them would be interested in selling. The owner at #235 said yes. Once they moved in, they committed a great deal of time and hard work to create an open, loft-style space on the first floor with very little clutter—a “minimum aesthetic.” Brian has a favorite spot where he likes to sit and view the results of their labors.

Walls were removed to achieve the desired effect, even along the stairway up to the second floor. That can be disorienting to visitors, so exercise some caution as you climb them.

The first impression is how modern the interior is. Look again and you will notice a retro motif—furnishings are right out of the 1950s. Take special note of the Danish Modern table and chairs in the dining area. The spacious kitchen, however, is right up to the minute. Just a sliding door away is a large deck that looks out over a beautifully landscaped back yard.

This is one stop where you might wish the tour were still part of the July Arts Festival. Then you could enjoy the plantings and flowers leading up to the front door. It is a sight that has caused many a passerby to stop and admire how lovely and inviting it is. Well, why not? After all, artists live here….

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