The Dent House – South Fitzhugh St.

Tour Year: 2014
Year Built: 1871
Street: South Fitzhugh St

Built by Jonathan Dent, a Corn Hill plasterer, mason and builder, this warm, elegant Italianate-style row house boasts nine-foot ceilings, wide moldings and two marble fireplaces. Outside features include a shallowly pitched roof, arched windows with keystones, and bracketed eaves. Sadly, Jonathan never enjoyed this home as he passed away just before its completion. His wife Eliza moved into the home in 1871 and resided here until her death in 1878.

Three generations of families lived in both sides of the house from 1945 until the early 1970s. To accommodate the large families, each side of the row house was turned into three apartments.

As urban renewal was sweeping the country in the 1970s, homes in Corn Hill were rated high to low using colors to define agricultural significance. Each dwelling was classified as “red” (most significant), “green”, “yellow” or “grey” (least significant). This home was rated yellow, meaning that the home “enhanced other significant structures by harmonizing with them or because with other structures, make-up of the streetscape or neighborhood was worth saving.” During urban renewal this home was restored to a one-family home.
The current homeowners have lived in the home for over ten years. Recently, the top floor was opened up to create separate, private living space from that on the middle floor, now an apartment for the family’s oldest son. Due to a disability, he had lived many of his early adult years in a group home. Knowing that he wanted to be closer to his family, his parents asked him if he would like to move to his own apartment in their home. An exuberant “Yes!” and “How Soon?” followed. Three years ago and with support from family and friends, their son joined his family in his new home.

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