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PAC-TAC LogoOn Tuesday, December 1 at 7 p.m., the CHNA Security Committee and the RPD will train new Corn Hill PAC-TACers in the lower level of 133 S. Fitzhugh Street.

Over the past several months, our crime stats have been higher than usual and more team members are needed to ensure that suspicious activity in our neighborhood is spotted and reported to the police immediately.

The once-amonth 2-hour patrols are good exercise and very beneficial to the welfare of our neighborhood. Neighbors are encouraged to respond to and sign up for this training.

Winter Corn Hill Parking and Sidewalk Maintenance

Winter Parking

Corn Hill Gazebo in Winter SnowIn response to difficulties removing snow on many narrow city streets this past winter, the Department of Environmental Services will be posting signs restricting parking during snow emergencies on specific streets throughout the city to facilitate snow removal. These signs will be posted primarily on side streets to supplement the snow emergency signs currently posted on main arteries.

Snow emergencies will be announced through various media outlets. Parking will be restricted when an emergency is declared and residents will have a limited time to move their vehicles once an emergency is declared.

Vehicles may be towed if parked in restricted areas during a snow emergency. The streets affected in Corn Hill are South Washington and Peach Streets. More details will be posted when they become available.

On a side note, per city code, parking on city streets is limited to twelve hours unless otherwise noted by signs or parking meters. Even though a parking zone may allow parking for a period longer than twelve hours, streets with alternate side parking, for example, drivers are required to move their cars if parked for twelve hours.

Vehicles parked for more than twelve hours are subject to being ticketed, towed, or both. While this may rule may rarely be enforced, it is worth noting, particularly during winter months when snow removal is a priority. It is also important to note that cars displaying Corn Hill Parking permits are not subject to the twelve hour rule and may park for as long as parking is otherwise legally permitted.

Sidewalk Maintenance

With winter quickly approaching, residents are reminded that per city code (, it is the responsibility of homeowners and residents to remove snow and ice from sidewalks adjoining their property after a snow event. Snow that has fallen after 8pm must be removed by 9am the following morning. Snow that falls after 9am must be removed by 8pm the same day. The city will plow sidewalks after a snowfall of four or more inches to assist residents with snow removal. This is a supplemental service and does not remove the responsibility of homeowners and residents to remove snow from their sidewalks, including snow that may remain after city plows have come through.

If you are a tenant, please review this code with your landlord to clarify if the landlord or tenant is responsible for sidewalk snow removal. If you are a member of a home owner’s association, please review with the association.

Clean Up After Your Pet

Also, as a reminder to pet owners, please clean up after your pet after they have “done their business”. Last winter was very problematic for pet waste being left on sidewalks and there have been many cases of dirty sidewalks this fall as well. There are pet waste disposal stations on Avery Mall and on the river trail just south of Corn Hill Landing including pet waste bags and a trash bins. Please use these stations and other trash bins throughout the neighborhood to dispose of your pet’s waste.

Hydrant Heroes

For more information on how to adopt a hire hydrant during the winter please visit How to Become a Hydrant Hero.

Panhandlers and Scam Artists in Corn Hill

Corn Hill Panhandler Scam - Don't let strangers inRecent instances of panhandlers have been reported here in Corn Hill: “A guy rang our doorbell at 8 a.m. on Sunday. He actually rang twice when we didn’t answer the first time.” “We had two guys (one at a time) knock on our door asking for money because they ran out of gas. The first time I was accommodating. He said he’d pay me back by slipping the money under the mat the next day. He didn’t and about a week later another guy came by with the same story. I said no this time” Panhandlers and scam artists are always around; their appearances tend to be cyclical. Police advise neighbors to respond to these requests by stating, “Please wait here and I’ll call 911 for assistance for you.” The panhandler will disappear very quickly. It is essential that we call 911 immediately anyway because the police are familiar with these people and their particular situation–homelessness, mental problems, etc.

In a previous instance on Troup Street, a woman with four children knocked on a neighbors door very upset that their car had broken down “around the corner” and could she come in and phone her husband. The neighbor allowed them in, whereupon the four children, who had been carefully trained, fanned out in every direction taking as much as they could carry from rooms before the neighbor could even call the police. NEVER let strangers into your home! Again, sympathetically state, “Please wait here and I’ll call 911 for assistance.”

Statistically, crime stats during the month of December are the largest here in Corn Hill. Decorative wreaths have been stolen from doors on one street and then sold to unsuspecting neighbors on another street. One neighbor encountered a thief attempting to sell his wreath at the Public Market several days later! Christmas Eve has frequently been an opportune time for knocks at our doors asking for money for “a sick child without food,” “an automobile that has run out of gas,” etc. At this holiday season when we’re feeling especially charitable and just about to sit down to our own sumptuous meal it’s tempting to give in to these requests. Remember, those who encourage this behavior thereby create a market in our neighborhood that becomes a problem for the rest of us. if scam artists are unsuccessful here, they’ll be less inclined to hang around.

Following your Christmas morning unwrapping of gifts, avoid placing packing materials at the curb until trash pick up day. Why let would-be thieves know that you’ve gotten a new television for Christmas? The holiday seasons are upon us. It’s important that we all follow practices that keep our neighborhood safe.

The Corn Hill Gazette – November 2015

The November 2015 Corn Hill Gazette is now available to Download.

The Corn Hill Gazette Cover November 2015

CHNA By-Laws Revision

New CHNA By LawsThe CHNA By-Laws Revision committee has completed their exhaustive work on changing our neighborhood association By-Laws in order to comply with the recent NY State NFP law changes and to be acceptable to apply for 501-C3 status.

Below is a summary of the changes as well as links to a “before and after comparison” as well as a “red-line strikethrough” version. Please note that changes have been to articles 7B (third paragraph), 11D, and 19A since their original posting to this site

Neighbors are requested to carefully peruse this revision and be prepared to ask questions and vote an approval at a General Neighborhood Meeting on Monday, December 14, 7:30 p.m. in the lower level conference room at 133 S. Fitzhugh Street.

Summary of Major Proposed Bylaws Revisions

  • Article 3: Objectives. Adds some reasons why the Corn Hill Neighbors Association (CHNA) exists.
  • Article 4: Membership. Eliminates the need for general members to register each year in order to become voting members. Once registered, you will remain a voting member until you are no longer a general member.
  • Article 5: Board of Directors. Provides for a range of 7 to 11 directors depending on how many are elected, rather than the range being set by the board. Requires board members to be voting members of the CHNA.
  • Article 6: Officers. Prohibits the CHNA board president from serving as an employee of the CHNA.
  • Article 7: Meetings. Specifies methods of notice of special meetings of the board and of the membership. Specifies methods of participation in board meetings. Provides that only voting members are entitled to notice of the Annual Meeting and of any other meeting at which action may be taken, and modifies methods of such notice.
  • Article 8: Quorum and Voting. Provides that written consent for the board to act without a meeting may be made by electronic means.
  • Article 9. Elections and Terms of Office. Eliminates the requirement that the board appoint a successor to any board member who cannot fulfull his or her term of office, but keeps its authority to do so.
  • Article 11: Finance. Clarifies the budget process.
  • Articles 12–14. Updates committee descriptions and charges. Changes the name of the Finance Committee to the Investment Management Committee.
  • Article 15: Bill of Rights. Allows a CHNA officer or director to initially contact a member by email in an attempt to consult with that member about a representation the CHNA will make before a public body or to a governmental agency regarding the condition of a member’s property.
  • Article 19: Investment and Other Funds. Places authority to disburse revolving loan funds in the Revolving Fund Committee rather than the board, which retains authority to approve the amount of funds designated.
  • Article 22: Dissolution. Gives the New York attorney general, as an alternative to a New York supreme court justice, the ability to determine what organization may receive a distribution of CHNA assets in the event of CHNA’s dissolution.

Again, links to view these changes online are:


2015 Leaf Pick-up in Corn Hill

Corn Hil Leaf PickupThe Department of Environmental Services will be picking up leaves in our Corn Hill area on the week of November 9-13 (visit this link for a map).

Neighbors are reminded to have leaves raked onto the area between their sidewalk and the street at the start of this week.

RPD Gun Buyback Program



CHNA Help Wanted SignThe CHNA is looking for an office manager.

Position Requirements

  • Multi-tasking individual needed;
  • Associates degree preferred;
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Internet, office equipment operation and working with an interactive web site;
  • Excellent organization and interpersonal skills a must;
  • Flexible 25 hours per week.

Please mail resumes to: Corn Hill Neighbors Association, 133 S Fitzhugh St, Rochester, NY 14608.


Animal Traps Available

Free Animal Traps for Corn Hill NeighborsMonroe County Rodent Control Center, located at 111 Westfall Road (map),has large cages available for trapping nuisance wildlife.

Corn Hill neighbors who are in need of traps can call 753-5171 or stop by between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

These are free to area residents and may be borrowed up to 2 weeks at a time.

Once an animal is trapped on a property, neighbors can call Rochester Animal Control at 428-7274 to have the unwanted animal removed.

November Meet-n-Greet

Corn Hill Meet 'n GreetPlease join us at the next Corn Hill Neighborhood Meet-n-Greet!

This will be a Brunch-style event- great for the whole family!

Saturday November 14, from 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM at the West Edge Restaurant and Lounge.

Located at 284 Exchange Blvd., in the Landing.

Come out and mingle with neighbors and enjoy a service station brunch with beautiful fall views of the Genesee River and the city skyline.

Please RSVP to: as there are a limited number of seats available.

Brought to you by your Corn Hill Neighborhood Association Social Committee.