Clarissa Street Mural

~ Photos: Bruce Cook

A vibrant new mural in Rochester’s Corn Hill neighborhood celebrates the area’s rich cultural tapestry, with a special focus on the Clarissa Street “Village,” once a hub of diversity in the city. This artistic endeavor comes to life through a collaboration between local artists and Teen Empowerment.

Ephraim Gebre, the lead artist of the mural, says the artwork aims to represent the essence of Black culture in the locality, particularly its historical jazz scene. The mural showcases musicians of various ages, encapsulating the multi-generational impact of jazz on the community.

The mural serves as a poignant reminder of the neighborhood’s vibrant past, especially its significance in the Black community from the 1930s to the 1960s. This was before urban renewal policies fragmented the community.

Organizers and residents hope the mural will inspire a new generation to learn about and appreciate their roots. For a closer look at the mural and its intricate details, check out the gallery images accompanying this post.

Photos taken by Bruce Cook.

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