Call for Holiday House Tour Guides

Participate in this seasonal event that kicks off our holiday season without having to purchase a ticket! πŸ‘

Volunteer to become a tour guide for one of the Holiday House tour times on Saturday, December 2nd – 10AM, 1PM or 4PM.

We provide maps and training for moving your group from house to house, as well as some interesting neighborhood history to relate along the way. Each group of 16 tour-goers will be led by two guides, so if you would like to be paired with someone, just let us know!

If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, please forward your name, contact information, preferred partner, and/or tour time to [email protected] or directly to committee member Sean Soper at [email protected].

You will be contacted regarding attendance at one of the two training sessions that take place the week prior to the tour.

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