Meet the 2023 CHNA Board Candidates

Below are the candidates for the open 2023 CHNA Board Positions. Six outstanding Corn Hill neighbors are on the ballot for six open board positions. Learn more about these candidates and then go cast your vote!

Exercise Your Right to Vote! 

Voting is more important now than ever, and the Corn Hill Neighbors’ Association is making it very easy for each of you to register and vote in this year’s Board of Directors Election.

Where to Register and Vote:

You will have three opportunities to REGISTER and VOTE this year. Registration and voting will be held at two Gazebo Concerts and on September 11th at the Adams Stree R-Center.

If you are not registered, please bring TWO forms of identification with you showing you are a resident or owner of a Corn Hill property. ·

Carolee Conklin

Carolee Conklin

I Moved to Corn Hill fifteen-plus years ago.

I am a retired City Council member and former City Clerk.

I served one prior term as a CHNA Board member.

I am a strong proponent of urban living and believe strongly that residents need to be active and involved in all issues affecting their community.

I ask for your vote and support in electing me to the Corn Hill Neighbors Board.

Joanie Fraver

joanie fraver

As a 12-year resident of Corn Hill and as a neighbor who deeply loves this community, I would like to submit my name for consideration to serve another two-year term on the Board of Directors of the Corn Hill Neighbors Association.

I am completing my fourth year of service on the Board as Vice President and am very proud of the work tha thas been accomplished during that time – steering the neighborhood through Covid and dealing with a changing demographic and a challenging social climate. Our recent neighborhood wide survey to determine Board priorities has focused our work to improve communication, community safety, support for diversity and sustained community engagement, and continue our preservation, beautification, and philanthropic efforts. In addition, we have begun outreach to neighbors who are renters and to our new and younger residents, to better connect them to this community.

None of these efforts are easy and there is much work ahead. I would like the opportunity to continue that work.

In addition to my Board service, I chair the Holiday Tour of Homes, serve on the Festival Management Team and am a member of the Beautification, Security, and ConnectionsCommittees. My husband Peter is also very involved in Corn Hill and we both work hard to forge connections with our neighbors to keep this community such a wonderful place to live.

I am a retiree of St. John Fisher College, where I worked in the Registrar’s Office as Associate Registrar for Curriculum and Transfer. My job required attention to detail, clear communication, and an ability to work with many different groups of people. I like to think that I bring these qualities to my work on the Board and in the neighborhood.

Peter and I have two grown sons, lovely daughters-in-law, and 4 awesome grandchildren who keep us busy when we are not working in Corn Hill.

Jeff Holdsworth

jeff holdsworth

Growing up in Honeoye Falls, I have lived in the Rochester area my entire life. Thankfully, my immediate family all still lives in the area, allowing us to stay close. I have worked for Wegmans for 36 years in a variety of functions from Store Operations, Merchandising and currently Supply Chain.

When my partner, Jake, and I began looking to purchase a home in 2005, we looked at many city neighborhoods, but were drawn to Corn Hill by its broad diversity on so many angles. While owning an 1860’s farmhouse has kept us busy with a seemingly unlimited list of projects, we have enjoyed our home and the neighborhood from the beginning.

My adventure with the Corn Hill Arts Festival began in 2007. I have volunteered in various capacities including: Parking, Food, and four years as Festival Chairperson. I successfully convinced Jake to volunteer in 2009; he has been hooked ever since. We both enjoy seeing the neighborhood come together as the festival springs to life each year.

We also opened our home for the HolidayHouse Tour in 2011 and 2022.

From the first welcoming conversation we had with our homes previous caretakers, we knew this neighborhood was a special place. Having worked with so many dedicated and committed volunteers over the past 16 years has only reaffirmed my decision to give back to this community.

As a member of the Board of Directors, my hope is that I can help engage others and continue to ensure our neighborhood is an inviting and vibrant place to live.

John Milazzo

John Milazzo

I am running for the CHNA’s board because Corn Hill holds a special place in my heart. I was born and raised inthe City of Rochester. I attended McQuaid Jesuit High School and graduated from Nazareth College. After graduating, I moved to the historic city of Baltimore and served as a Baltimore City Police Officer. Once I came to back to New York, I took up a job as a car salesman. After finding success as a car salesman, working in finance, and managing dealerships, I was blessed with the opportunity to purchase a home at 123 Troup Street.

This home was built in 1889 by John Harry Stedman, the inventor of the “fuzzy pipe cleaner.” I’ll always remember the long days and late nights spent remodeling this magnificent home. I am very proud to say that my first two daughters were born and raised in Corn Hill.
When my wife became pregnant with my third daughter, we decided to move out to the suburbs. While I was living in the Suburbs, I could not shake the warm feeling that Corn Hill gave me. After enduring some changes in my life, I made the decision to move back to Corn Hill recently.

I am happy to say Corn Hill is once again my home. Corn Hill has given so much to me, and serving on the Board will give me the opportunity to give back to the neighborhood. If elected as a board member, I will work to maintain the health and safety of the community and ensure the longevity of Corn Hill.

Kevin Petrichick

Kevin Petrichick

My name is Kevin Petrichick and I’m finishing out my first term on the Corn Hill board where I currently serve as the liaison to the social committee. One of the main reasons I’m running for another term is that I want to continue my mission to increase communications between the board and committees and our constituency, the neighbors. I feel that too many neighbors remain unaware of what we do and that we need to find more ways to get the word out.

My wife Cari, and I have owned our house at 38 Eagle Street since 1995, after renting at 82 Adams Street from 1993. We raised our beautiful and brilliant daughter, Sarah, here where she attended city schools (School #12 and School of the Arts)and used that city education to get into SUNY Potsdam where she graduated summa cum laude in 2020.

Cari and I fell in love with this neighborhood before we moved here. We love the walking access to all of the sporting and music events downtown as well as quick driving access to everything the county has to offer. Couple that with the fact that the friendships we’ve made in this neighborhood rival anything I know of in the suburbs or the small towns we grew up in and you know why we plan to be here for life.
I’ve been a member of PAC-TAC since the 1990’s but never took the next step by running for the board until 2 years ago. I think that I owe more service to the neighborhood.

Sandra Schoenlien

Sandra Schoenlien

I made the move from Venice Florida with my 2 dogs, Paco 16 and Chevy 3 at the end of September 2022 2days before Hurricane Irma blanketed Florida. I made my residence there for 8 Years after traveling there for over a 30 year period to be with my Dad and Stepmom who are happily now joined together again in the heavens!

Rochester was my home over 30 years ago. I graduated from Nazareth College and Buffalo State College.

My work has taken me on a wild ride in Art Education, Art Therapy, Real Estate Sales, Director of Catering, Hotel Hospitality and Banquet Manager, Deli Manager for Earth Origins Market, Store Manager for one of my sister’s two Gourmet Coffee, Sandwich & Bake shops in East Hampton, NY and Certified Dog Trainer, dog walker and every aspect of care the fur babies need.

I am very happy to be back in Rochester and look forward to every season. Yes even the snow! Corn Hill is a wonderful neighborhood. I am anxious to be an integral part of this community. You may see me walking my dogs, doing Pac-Tac neighborhood watch and volunteering for The Historic House Tour and wherever else the need arises.

In Florida, I was a Board member for Heron Lakes Condo Association, a representative for the Master Association, and a member of The Lakes Committee to revitalize the water quality of our surrounding 7 ponds.

It is vital that our neighborhood stay safe, beautiful and enjoyable for all residents.

I would be honored to participate as a Board member.

Jon Wunderlich

Jonathan Wunderlich

My wife and I recently left our base in the Dominican Republic, where I serve as Director of an educational non-profit, and Maraas a simultaneous interpreter (also holding a degree in architecture). We both value diversity, inclusion, and history…three things we feel Corn Hill does extremely well. We spent a number of years patiently looking for our “forever”home, the place where we would raise our family. Our criteria were not the easiest to fulfill: a beautiful house that we could afford; a neighborhood that was pro-active; multi-ethnic, culturally rich, welcoming to all, and vested in a collective effort to make things better. Once Mara showed me the photo of our1870 Gothic Revival, it just all fell into place…Corn Hill. Walking our beautiful streets each night, with a global pandemic raging, we realized the friendly people we met along the way were our community.

The board position is one that I take very seriously. As a nonprofit consultant and previous Development Director of TheDREAM Project, I have first-hand experience with how a productive, engaged board can transform communities. In addition, I serve as Secretary on the Executive Board of The Belafonte Family Foundation, as a Board Member of EverGift, and consult professionally with various NGOs. I have 20 years of experience in the field through various leadership positions, including Strategic Planning, and Marketing. I am currently a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) and member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP).

The Corn Hill Neighborhood Association Board is exceptional. There are very few communities that have an association providing a myriad of cultural activities, opportunity, philanthropy, history, security, advancement, and fun. Naturally, the Arts Festival offers a unique source of pride and income for our neighborhood, but what interests me is how we come together, how we keep that same eye out for each other that I grew up with and how we continue to make Corn Hill the place where we are all proud to call home. I have a particular interest in striving for a more inclusive community, honoring our history on Clarissa Street, engaging both homeowners and renters, as well as keeping our board innovative and productive.

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