Sweetie, A Senior Miniature Poodle

~ Marcy Rubin

This issue’s featured pet is Sweetie, a senior miniature poodle that my husband Joel and I adopted last fall. We adopted Sweetie from New 2 U Rescues, a foster-based all-breed dog rescue whose primary mission is to help local dogs in need. At New 2 U Rescues, volunteers foster pets in their homes until an appropriate adoptive home is found. Some fosters specialize in helping pregnant or nursing mothers, special needs dogs, or puppy mill survivors. Foster homes are supplied with training, food, supplies, and veterinary services through the rescue. To learn about New2URescues and volunteer opportunities, visit their webpage at https://new2urescue.org/

We chose Sweetie because we love spoiling older dogs with special needs. She was fostered by a wonderful family who nicknamed her Sweetie because she loves to snuggle, and we decided to keep the appropriate name. Sweetie had several cancerous tumors removed last year and has been doing great since then. Like many older dogs, she has limited vision and hearing, but that’s part of aging gracefully! She enjoys walking around Corn Hill, playing fetch with her stuffed toys, and afternoon naps. Our favorite part of the day is when Sweetie dances excitedly to greet us, even if we have only been out of her sight for a few minutes. She is working on becoming friendlier toward new people and their pets. We look forward to meeting more Corn Hill neighbors on our walks this year! 

Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy During the Fall Holidays

The ASPCA and Humane Society recommend taking these precautions to keep your pet happy and healthy during the fall holidays:

Keep treats and holiday decorations out of reach

Several popular Halloween treats are toxic to pets. Chocolate and sugar-free candies containing xylitol can be very dangerous for cats and dogs. Festive décor such as pumpkins, gourds and corn can cause stomach problems. Other possibly dangerous decorations include glow sticks, fake cobwebs, potpourri, and strung lights. If you think your pet has ingested something toxic, please call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 immediately. 

Be careful with costumes

When choosing a costume for your pet, consider your pet’s personality and what type of costume they wouldn’t mind wearing. Make sure the costume is comfortable and allows your pet to move freely and remove any small parts that could come off and be a choking hazard. Remove the costume if your pet shows signs of discomfort such as folded down ears, eyes rolling back or looking sideways, a tucked tail, or hunching over. 

Watch the door! 

While opening the door for guests, be sure that your dog or cat doesn’t dart outside. Always make sure your pet is wearing proper identification and take a recent picture of your pet just in case they get lost. Consider putting them in a crate or another room if guests or the doorbell cause them stress. This year our family will sit outside at a Halloween table to greet trick-or-treaters.  

If you would like to submit news, pet celebrations or memorials, or have your pet featured, please send a photo and description to [email protected].

Haiku by Jack Kerouac

Full moon of October
– The tiny mew
of the Kitty

Swinging on delicate hinges
the Autumn Leaf
Almost off the stem

Halloween colors
orange and black
On a summer butterfly

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