Gracie and Snowflake

~ By Marcy Rubin

The arrival of spring is a great time to review pet walking etiquette and safety tips. Try practicing mindfulness by slowing down, closely observing your surroundings, or leaving your phone at home. Keep an eye out for trash that your dog might eat, like food wrappers or chicken bones. Spring plants such as Daffodils, Tulips, Crocuses, Hyacinths, and Irises (especially the bulbs) are toxic to dogs. Please leash your pets on city streets and park paths. Even if you trust your pets, animals can be unpredictable and might be reactive, fearful, or have medical issues. Monroe County has dog parks where off-leash dogs can run, play, and socialize. For locations and park rules visit:

Pet owners play an important role in keeping our neighborhood safe and clean by respecting pet walking etiquette such as keeping dogs leashed and picking up after them. Dog waste left on the ground and kitty litter dumped outside can be a health risk to pets, people, and the environment. Pet waste contains bacteria and nutrients that get washed down storm drains and contaminate waterways. Pet comfort stations in Avery Mall on Adams Street and Livingston Park on Troup Street are available for dog walkers to use and are resupplied regularly by city sanitation workers.

Our featured Corn Hill pets, Gracie and Snowflake, were adopted as kittens in 2015 by Anita Hansen
Our featured Corn Hill pets, Gracie and Snowflake, were adopted as kittens in 2015 by Anita Hansen

“My previous cat, Tigger, who I had for a joyful 17 years, had passed away in 2007. I wanted another cat, but couldn’t bring myself to actively look for any, as I knew that Tigger’s spirit could never be replaced…. My two sisters said I should get two cats instead of one, so they would always have a playmate. To me, that meant double-trouble…

“Had it not been for one of my clients, who rescued feral kittens, I probably would still be procrastinating. These two were too adorable to ignore! I took them home in a box that night. Since then, I’ve found two cats are NOT double-trouble. They are actually half the trouble, having a playmate when they aren’t insistent for my attention!

“As far as personalities, they are as different as any two sisters… one likes to sleep on my bed at night and likes to be near me when watching TV on the sofa, while the other likes to sleep by herself in a cat bed and enjoys being draped over my shoulder as I walk around the house. Luckily the latter [Gracie] is much lighter than Snowflake, who is fairly chubby!

“I look forward to seeing my two sweet cats’ pictures in the Gazette, especially so my neighbors and friends see that I REALLY DO have two cats. They think they are a figment of my imagination, as they always hide from view when people are visiting.” If you would like to submit news, pet celebrations or memorials, or have your pet featured, please send a photo and description to [email protected].

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