2021 Holiday Tour of Homes a Great Success

The 34th Corn Hill Holiday Tour of Homes came roaring back in December and was a resounding success – thanks to Joyce Steel and her intrepid team of volunteers.

The Committee resolved to find a way to offer the tour amidst rising pandemic numbers – the tour groups were smaller, masks were required for all participants, the amazing cookies were individually bagged, and plenty of hand sanitizer was available. None of these measures dampened the enthusiasm of the attendees, who were just happy to have the tours back to kick off their Christmas holidays. And best of all – Corn Hill neighbors were re-engaged with each other and neighborhood spirit rekindled!

As the reviews began to come in, it was evident that the smaller group size made for a more intimate experience. That, along with knowledgeable tour guides, distinctly different homes, unique Christmas decorations, and the enthusiasm of the homeowners, made this one of the best home tours ever!

Many thanks to the legion of past and present neighbors and the many friends who made this Holiday House Tour possible. It really does take a village to pull off an event like this!

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Images from the 2021 Corn Hill Holiday Tour of Homes


The Committee: 

Joyce Steel, Jim DeVinney ☹, Richard Link, Bonny Mayer, Joanie Fraver, Lorraine Myers, Rob Goodling, Carolee Conklin, Bruce Cook (Photographer) and Rich Ognibene

The Homeowners:

Ron and Robin Plummer, Joanie and Pete Fraver, Dan Cullen, Sean Soper and Keith Davis, Jeff Holdsworth and Jake Bertch, Mara Fernandez and Jon Wunderlich

The Tour Guides:

Steve Baldwin and Jan Gates, Kaeleigh Beebe, Tony Giles,  Tracy and Pete Gumulak, Mary Ellen Coleman, Heather Mannillo, Dan and Laura Delehanty, Kevin and Cari Petrichick, Paula Kuempel, Rich Ognibene, Jon Hoose, Karen Mason, Richard Link, Dan Buonemani, Debby Onslow, Gail Kelly, Adam Smith, Dick and Marijoyce Maguire, Jeff and Dee Rhodes, Leslie Levy, Bill Arcuri, Craig Iannazzi, Juliana Almeida,  Ed Stuart, Mike Singer, Bob Conklin, Sue Porter, Barbara Kennedy, Billy Wagner, Patricia Gately, and Richard Sarkis

Food Delivery and Docents: 

Scott Williams, Dylan & Bear Semler, Anita Hansen, Evie Munger, Laura Lee Morgan, Lisa Kolmer, Richard Sarkis, Jane Ryan

Servers and Greeters at the DAR:

Lorraine Myers, Becky and Matthew McGee, Mike Prior, and DAR volunteers: Bev Henning, Katie Blind, Betty Vinch, Robbie Dreeson, Phyllis Breen, Sally Hicks, Jane Romal, Janet Spaccasi, and Barb Quinn

Administrative Support:

Ginny Brown and Brian Bigda


Kate Stanko, Debbie Dean, West Irondequoit Singers Group

Community Partners:

Daughters of the American Revolution (Irondequoit Chapter), Immaculate Conception/St. Bridget’s Church, Landmark Society of Western New York, Lisa Robinson Watercolors, Kainos Restaurant, Newbury Park Catering Wegmans Food Markets, Mercury Print Productions, and Studio Astute

The 2021 tour was dedicated to our friend, neighbor, and historian – Jim DeVinney – who passed away in September. Jim would be proud of our efforts!

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