The Unflappable Ginny Browne!

In December of 2019, our neighbor Ginny Browne offered to fill in for the Corn Hill office manager who resigned after serving the neighborhood for four years. Little did Ginny know that her offer to help would stretch through a pandemic and two canceled festivals, to almost two years of volunteer service!!

Ginny has faithfully tended the office in fair weather and foul every week during this time to answer phones and emails, process check requests, fill Corn Hill store orders, make bank and post office runs, prepare board packets and make sure the neighborhood communication stayed current. 

Service is nothing new to this 40-year Corn Hill resident who has served on the Board of the Corn Hill Neighborhood Association, the Festival Management Team, the Holiday House Tour Committee, and the Security Committee – just to name a few of her contributions. Her wealth of knowledge regarding the neighborhood history, residents, and processes has served all of us well during this time!

When you see Ginny, please thank her for her many contributions to the Corn Hill community.

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