Special Use Permit For Homeless Residential Facility at 204 South Plymouth Avenue

We have recently learned of an application for a Special Use Permit to operate a homeless residential facility at 204 South Plymouth Avenue.  

The CHNA Board of Directors has provided written comment to the Planning Commission requesting that the City Planning Commission either deny the application completely or at a minimum table the proposed application until such time as the applicant provides adequate details regarding the operation of the facility. The Corn Hill Neighbors Association advocates for and is a key proponent of maintaining a rich, diverse residential community. However, sufficient information has not been provided to fully assess the impact of the requested Special Use Permit.

This project is going before the City Planning Commission for review at their public hearing on June 26, 2023. You’re invited to attend in person or submit written comments in advance.

You may provide COMMENTS in person at the public hearing or submit written comments by email or mail, NO LATER THAN CLOSE-OF-BUSINESS ON June 23, 2023. Your written comment will be public and must include the project address you are commenting on, your first and last names, and your address.  

PUBLIC HEARING: Monday, JUNE 26, 2023 at 6:00 PM

LOCATION: City Hall, City Council Chambers, 30 Church St. Rm. 302-A

LEARN MORE: Visit: www.cityofrochester.gov/planningcommission

Contact: City Planning Commission Zoning Staff Phone: (585) 428-6510

For more details, please refer to the following documents

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