Screening of the Documentary “Clarissa Uprooted” – Neighborhood General Meeting

~ By Joanie Fraver, Photos: Jeff Holdsworth

On Wednesday, September 22nd, the Corn Hill Neighbors Association held its first in-person General Meeting in over a year and a half! It was so good to SEE everyone!

After a brief neighborhood update, the majority of the meeting was reserved for the screening of the documentary “Clarissa Uprooted – Youth and Elders Uncover the History of Black Rochester,” along with a discussion moderated by members of the Center for Teen Empowerment. We were so fortunate to have several Clarissa Street elders participate in the discussion. They added powerful, personal experience and perspective to the topics presented!

Clarissa Uprooted (2020) is a collaboration between the Center for Teen Empowerment, Clarissa Street Reunion Committee, and Rochester Community Television (RCTV) produced by their Youth Media Team. The documentary features Teen Empowerment Youth History Ambassadors interviewing and working with elders who lived in the thriving Clarissa St. community during the 1940s-60s, through redlining and then displaced by urban renewal/removal. (from:

Many of you may not have been able to attend the General Meeting and so missed out on the opportunity to view this important film. To learn about this significant period in Third Ward history and to help advance the valuable work of the community and the Teen Empowerment organization, we encourage you to visit and click on “watch” to request the link to the documentary. This story is too important to miss!

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