Meet the 2021-2022 CHNA Board Candidates

Below are the candidates for the 2021 – 2022 open CHNA Board Positions. Learn more about these candidates and then go cast your vote!

Where to Register and Vote:

You will have 3 opportunities to REGISTER and VOTE this year. Registration and voting will be held at each of the remaining Gazebo concerts and on September 13th at Adams Recreation Center.

If you are not registered, please bring TWO forms of identification with you showing you are a resident or owner of Corn Hill property. ·

  • August 15, 4 pm-7 pm at the Gazebo Concert at Lunsford Circle
  • September 13, 5 pm-7pm at Adams Street Recreation Center
  • September 19, 4 pm-7 pm at the Gazebo Concert at Lunsford Circle

Joanie Fraver

Joanie Fraver

While I have lived in the city of Rochester my entire life, it was when my husband Pete and I became empty-nesters that we decided to move to Corn Hill in 2011. Having always been intrigued by the history and friendliness of this neighborhood, it’s a decision we never regretted!

I am recently retired from a 40-year career in the Registrar’s Office at St. John Fisher College. That position required an attentiveness to detail and an ability to navigate change that are qualities I hope to continue to bring to the Board. In addition to having served on the Board of Directors for the last two years, I am a member of the Security, Beautification, Connections/Wellness, and Holiday House Tour Committees as well as serving on the Festival Management Team. I also served as chair of the 2015 and 2016 Corn Hill Arts Festival. I consistently walk PAC TAC, and am a Block Captain for lower Adams Street. I also am an active member of immaculate Conception Church on Lunsford Circle, serving on their Finance Committee.

As our community faces inevitable changes, I believe that it is more important than ever to foster Connections within Corn Hill – connections with our rich and diverse past, with neighbors new and old, with organizations within our neighborhood, and with city departments and the greater Rochester Community. Our Festival and Holiday House Tour certainly provide the social and financial vehicles to foster those connections and neighborhood vitality, but I believe it is the function of the Board of Directors to keep that spirit alive through dedicated oversight and by continually engaging neighbors through social and volunteer opportunities. Our neighborhood can only be as safe, vibrant, and welcoming as we collectively strive to make it. Pete and I have two grown sons and 4 wonderful grandchildren. Now that we are both retired, we enjoy reading, spending more time with our grandchildren and taking more frequent trips – mostly to North Carolina to visit one of our sons and his family.

Jeff Holdsworth

Jeff Holdsworth

Growing up in Honeoye Falls, I have lived in the Rochester area my entire life. Thankfully, my immediate family still lives in the area, allowing me to stay close. I have worked for Wegmans for 32 years in a variety of functions from Store Operations, Merchandising, and currently Supply Chain.

When my partner, Jake, and I began looking to purchase a home in 2005, we looked at many city neighborhoods but were drawn to Corn Hill by its broad diversity on so many angles. While owning an 1860’s farmhouse has kept us busy with a seemingly unlimited list of projects, we have enjoyed our home and the neighborhood from the beginning. My adventure with the Corn hill Arts Festival began in 2007. I have volunteered in various capacities including Parking, Food, and four years as Festival Chairperson. I successfully convinced Jake to volunteer in 2009; he has been hooked ever since. We both enjoy seeing the neighborhood come together as the Festival springs to life each year. We also opened our home for the Holiday House Tour in 2011.

Even from the first welcoming conversation, we had with our home’s previous caretakers, we knew this neighborhood was a special place. Having worked with so many dedicated and committed volunteers over the past 12 years has only reaffirmed my decision to give back to this community. As a member and President of the Board of Directors, my hope is that I can help engage others and continue to ensure our neighborhood is an inviting and vibrant place to live.

Lew Jones

Lew Jones

I am Lew Jones and I have lived with my wife, Janet Irwin, on Adams Street since 2011. I have been a member of the Corn Hill Neighbors Association since 2017 and a board member of the Corn Hill Commons Homeowners Association since 2018.

I have been a financial planner since 1982, managing savings and retirements funds for individuals and families. I also own Jones Tax Service with five colleagues in our offices near Bushnell’s Basin.

My work helps individuals and families attain their financial and life goals – buying homes, getting their kids educated, and then working into retirement. I like what I do and want to help the Corn Hill community in planning the next 5 to 10-year phase. In 2019 installed a Little Free Library in Avery Mall and serve as the “library steward” making sure that the library is stocked.

The CHNA funded the blue outdoor art installed in July 2019 in the traffic median on South Plymouth Avenue. This steel public art could also be called “The Doors of Corn Hill” since it sports two doorways featuring an optical illusion that the doors are open. The sculpture by Amelia Toelke is called “welcome.”

I want to foster more public art especially as the west wall rehabilitation program abutting the river is to be completed in May/June 2022. Talks are underway to install additional artwork in this area.

I hope that we can beautify Corn Hill by updating the landscaping in the next few years.

Ann C. Lewis

Ann C. Lewis

I have lived at 350 Clarissa Street for twenty-six years. I am the proud parent of four adult children, Kita, Montgomery, and twins, Clarissa and Gino. I am also to five grandchildren whom I adore. I have an MS Degree in Education from Roberts Wesleyan College and an MS Degree in Public Administration from SUNY College at Brockport. On June 26, 2021 I retired as a Special Education teacher with the Rochester City School District. I worked sixteen years for Monroe County Sheriff Dept. as a Rehabilitation Counselor. I am passionate about serving my neighborhood and the community at large, running I am running for the office of City Council, this November 2.

Corn Hill Neighborhood involvement: I am a former member of the CHNA Board, and were I served as the liaison to the Revolving Loan Committee. Currently, I am the liaison for Corn Hill and the neighboring churches. Additionally, I enjoyed serving on the Philanthropy Committee. As a former member of the Philanthropy Committee, I worked to ensure graduating seniors were awarded scholarships in memory of Tysean Williams, a youth who lost his life protecting his grandmother who lives in Corn Hill. While serving on the Board, I began the Fredrick Douglas Walk for Hope, a fundraising endeavor that assisted Montgomery Center revitalization efforts.

Candidacy Statement: I am running for the Corn Hill Neighbors Association Board because I love my neighborhood and I’m committed to ensuring that it continues to flourish and thrive. I strongly believe, through people coming together, we can accomplish all goals. If elected as a board member, I will use my advocacy skills to work diligently to ensure that the Community-Driven Guiding Principles -Vision Plan established as a result of the September 2011 Charrette is implemented. All neighbors, homeowners or renters, should have a voice on the CHNA Board working on their behalf, and I will be your voice.

Kevin Petrichick

Kevin Petrichick

I’m Kevin Petrichick and I’m running for the board because I’ve lived in this wonderful neighborhood for so long that I finally decided that it’s time to “pay it back.”

I live at the corner of Eagle and Adams Streets with my wife Cari, a photographer; my daughter Sarah, a recent graduate of SUNY-Potsdam and who currently works teaching preschoolers at Doodle Bugs! in Greece; and our 2 cats, Maisie and Indigo.

Since first moving to Rochester from rural Allegany County in 1981, I’ve lived within the city limits – renting apartments through the years on Murray Street, Garson Avenue, Rundel Park and Cimarron Drive before marrying Cari in 1993. We rented a Corn Hill apartment from Chris Soderstrom at 82 Adams Street from 1993 to 1995, leaving there when we purchased our current home.

We love the friendliness of the neighborhood coupled with its easy access to everything – nightlife, recreation, baseball and hockey games, concerts and, most of all, my job! I work as an underwriter for Stewart Title Insurance Company at 47 West Main Street, so I get to walk to my office and back each day. Some of you may recognize me as “The guy who walks and reads at the same time.” When it’s not raining or snowing, I use my 12 to 15 minute walks home from work to read. Warning: This is a skill I’ve developed over many years. Do not attempt without adult supervision!

My hobbies include going to live music events, floor hockey, tennis, fantasy sports, singing and, of course, reading. I’ve been a member of PAC-TAC for many years, slacking off for a time while Sarah was in school but fully back again now.

I’ve also been one of the regular cast in Jim DeVinney’s outdoor staging of his own musical play – Memories of a New Year’s Day – since its inception. And since we’ve lived in Corn Hill my family has hosted a big party on our deck and in our yard on the Saturday of the arts festival, usually with live music.

I think I can make a valuable contribution to the board because I love this neighborhood and want to help work to keep it the best neighborhood around.

(By the way, the whiskers you see on my face in the photo are the waning remnants of my “COVID beard”)

Jon Wunderlich

Jon Wunderlich

As a city born and raised Rochesterian, community is a word that has deep meaning for me. I grew up in the Park Avenue/Monroe Avenue neighborhood where we all went to schools identified with a number, had amazing summer block parties, kids from all walks of life played outside until dinner, and everyone kept an eye out for each other. It took me more than 20 years and 5 different countries to realize Rochester provides that sense of community in its own unique, beautiful way.

My wife and I recently left our base in the Dominican Republic, where I serve as Director of an educational non-profit, and Mara as a simultaneous interpreter (also holding a degree in architecture). We both value diversity, inclusion, and history…three things we feel Corn Hill does extremely well. We spent a number of years patiently looking for our “forever” home, the place where we would raise our family. Our criteria were not the easiest to fulfill: a beautiful house that we could afford; a neighborhood that was pro-active; multi-ethnic, culturally rich, welcoming to all, and vested in a collective effort to make things better. Once Mara showed me the photo of our 1870 Gothic Revival, it just all fell into place…Corn Hill. Walking our beautiful streets each night, with a global pandemic raging, we realized the friendly people we met along the way were our community.

The board position is one that I take very seriously. As Development Director of The DREAM Project, I have first-hand experience with how a productive, engaged board can transform communities. I also serve as Secretary on the Executive Board of the Belafonte Family Foundation, Board Member of EverGift, and consult professionally with various NGOs. I have 20 years of experience in the field through various leadership positions, including Strategic Planning, and Marketing. I am currently a Certified Fundraising Executive and member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

The Corn Hill Neighbors Association Board is exceptional. There are very few communities that have an association providing the myriad of cultural activities, opportunities, philanthropy, history, security, advancement, and fun. Naturally, the Arts Festival offers a unique source of pride and income for our neighborhood, but what interests me is how we come together, how we keep that same eye out for each other that I grew up with and how we continue to make Corn Hill the place where we are all proud to call home.

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