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100 acre tract Rochetster NY

Historic Corn Hill Districts

The Third Ward National Register District The Third Ward Historic District, listed in the National Register of Historic Places in July, 1974, is roughly bound by Adams Street on the […]

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Carolers in Period Dress at Weimer Home Corn Hill Rochester

Holidays in Corn Hill

“Holidays in the Third Ward are observed much as elsewhere in the city. There was a time, to be sure, when New Year’s Day took on a character of its […]

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lunsford gazebo in fall

Corn Hill’s Gazebo at Lunsford Park

It was a crisp fall day on October the 2nd, 1979 when a flatbed truck carrying a large strange-looking object made its way through the streets of Rochester. Startled onlookers […]

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Coming Home to Corn Hill

The district’s neighborliness perhaps finds its most distinctive expression in those “good byes” and “welcome homes” which it extends to the summer travelers. It is a custom to leave on […]

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Fick McGuire - friendly corn hill neighbor

Friendliness in Corn Hill

“Everybody knows everybody else on the short broad streets of the ward-and knows all about them. It is said, indeed, by the East-siders in Rochester, that Third warders are gossips; […]

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