Welcome, Riverie!

~ Photo: Henry McCartney

After years of planning, fundraising, and then construction, a beautiful, new passenger boat named Riverie arrived on Sunday, May 21 at its new home dock in Corn Hill Landing

For a handful of Corn Hill neighbors, Patrick Russell-Walsh, Executive Director of the Corn Hill Waterfront & Navigation Foundation, provided a sneak peek of the boat as well as the Foundation’s new office. The Rivierie will offer 90-minute tours of the Genesee, with some longer tours of 2 to 2 ½ hours to Lock 33 and back. 

Tours can be booked at https://cornhillnav.org/riverie/

While the new boat can hold up to 49 passengers, most tours will be limited to more comfortable groups of 40, with varying seating options available. 

The new office, formerly occupied by Silk Restaurant, will be equipped with a kitchen, classroom space for school field trips, and other amenities for boaters.  Patrick will be offering free trips for the Corn Hill Neighborhood the last weekend in June – June 24 and 25. Contact the Corn Hill Waterfront & Navigation Foundation for specific information on these trips.

The official launch event is planned for June 6 from 1 pm to 2:30 pm.

Corn Hill Neighbors is proud to have been one of the early supporters and donors to the effort that made Riverie possible.   

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