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Corn Hill Business Category: Professional Services

Billie D Holliday – Attorney at Law

Phone Number 1: 260-6680

Email: [email protected]

Caine & Associates

Accounting, Tax prep., P&C Insurance, Payroll Services, Consulting

Address: 29 Atkinson St., Suite Four

Phone Number 1: 285-3442

Email: [email protected]

Caleb’s Services

Mowing, weeding, planting, general help, snow shoveling.

Address: 116 Adams St.

Phone Number 1: 647-6744

Candy Conquers Clutter

Call Candy to get organized 585-329-7432

Address: Edinburgh St.

Phone Number 1: 585-329-7432

Email: [email protected]

Downtown Process Service

By retired Deputy Sheriff, pick up and delivery, reasonable rates Marie Wilcox

Phone Number 1: 325-6568

Groveland Hill Roasters

Custom Coffee Roasting. Wholesale, Private Label, Fundraising

Address: 156 S. Fitzhugh St.

Phone Number 1: 746-7473


Hallelujah Royal Heritage B&B and Teas

Now accepting reservations for B&B, Tuesday tea tastings, tea tours, tea parties.

Address: 351 Clarissa St.

Phone Number 1: 325-5539

Hansen & Hill Interiors

Interior Design – Commercial & Residential Anita Hansen

Phone Number 1: 734-4374


Heveron & Company CPAs

John F. Heveron Jr. CPA Serving nonprofits, indiv’s & businesses

Address: 260 Plymouth Avenue South

Phone Number 1: 232-2956


Ira Srole

Professional photography for all occasions.

Address: Troup St.

Phone Number 1: 325-5623

Email: [email protected]