The Gazebo Christmas Tree

~ By Jim DeVinney

Why is a Christmas tree on the cover of the January issue of the Corn Hill Gazette? In part, because it wasn’t available for the November issue and we didn’t publish it in December.

More to the point, some very special neighbors made that tree available for our enjoyment and we want to honor them. Pete Fraver, well-known to many of us, purchased the tree and donated it to the neighborhood. He set it up in the Gazebo at Lunsford Park and added the lights. Recent arrival to Corn Hill, Dan Cullen, provided the ornaments to decorate the tree and added the wreaths (which he purchased on eBay) that hang on the railings around the Gazebo. Dan also left a box with more ornaments so that neighbors of all ages who visited the site could hang them on the tree and become part of the decorating team.

The cover represents our thanks and best wishes for the New Year to Pete and Dan for their generosity and thoughtfulness. God knows, 2020 was such a disagreeable year that we needed such acts of human kindness to put us in the proper mood for December’s holiday season. Dan also added other seasonal decorations around Corn Hill – A Curious Coincidence.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Corn Hill and we are proud to announce the 2020 Volunteers of the Year, a tradition that began in 2014.

To all of our readers, we extend best wishes for a healthy and happy 2020.

Dan Cullen and Pete Fraver
Pete Fraver, left, and Dan Cullen who brightened the Gazebo for the holiday season.
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