Richard Sarkis • 2022 Neighborhood Volunteer of the Year

In November of 2022, the Corn Hill Neighbors Association Board of Directors reviewed the submissions for Neighborhood Volunteer of the Year and voted to award the distinction to long-time neighbor Richard Sarkis. Richard was publicly recognized at December’s Corn Hill Holiday gathering at the DAR House. His name will be added to the Volunteer of the Year plaque that resides in the Corn Hill Office.

Congratulations Richard!

What follows is the nomination that was submitted by a Corn Hill resident:

Richard Sarkis is one of the most dedicated residents of Corn Hill – dedicated to his neighbors, his community, and the city of Rochester.

Richard and his family have been long-time residents of Corn Hill – sharing their homes and hospitality with neighbors. As a realtor, Richard has often “sold” Corn Hill to those who love urban living and has strengthened our community in the process.

A longtime member of the Crofton Management Board for Corn Hill Commons, two-time Festival Chair, past President of the Neighborhood Association, Holiday House Tour Host and Guide, and member of various other Committees, Richard also often acts as a liaison with landlords when there are property issues.

He is frequently seen on his early morning walks picking up debris throughout Corn Hill, has supported community clean-up efforts, and given financial support to the Beautification Committee. Richard also supports the work of the Security Committee and embodies what Neighborhood Watch is all about. He also lends a hand (and home) to those in need, most recently supporting a neighbor who lost his residence temporarily due to a fire.

For these reasons, and for his genuine friendliness and care for his community, Richard has been nominated for the Corn Hill Neighbor of the Year Award.

Image: Award recipient Richard Sarkis with Board President Jeff Holdsworth

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