Passport to Wellness Trail in Historic Corn Hill

Did you know that the Corn Hill Neighbors Association partnered with Wegmans several years ago to establish a Passport to Wellness Trail right in our own neighborhood?  You can take a healthy walk through our streets following the trail while learning about 10 colorful people and events that have defined Rochester’s oldest residential neighborhood.

The “passports” booklets are available from the Corn Hill Office: 

Corn Hill Passport to Wellness Trail Marker

A map of the trail markers is provided and a rubbing can be made at each stop. 

When you complete rubbings at each of the sites, you may win a $250 gift card from Wegmans in a drawing held during our annual Corn Hill Arts Festival  (July 9th and 10th).

Corn Hill Passport to Wellness Trail

You can drop off your completed passport in the mail slot at the neighborhood office at 133 South Fitzhugh Street, or mail your completed passport to the Corn Hill Neighbors Association, 133 South Fitzhugh Street, Rochester NY 14608. Be sure to include your name and the best way for us to contact you. 

Share this information with friends and relatives. You do not have to live in Corn Hill to participate! Happy Walking!

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