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Winter Corn Hill Parking and Sidewalk Maintenance

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Winter Parking

Corn Hill Gazebo in Winter SnowIn response to difficulties removing snow on many narrow city streets this past winter, the Department of Environmental Services will be posting signs restricting parking during snow emergencies on specific streets throughout the city to facilitate snow removal. These signs will be posted primarily on side streets to supplement the snow emergency signs currently posted on main arteries.

Snow emergencies will be announced through various media outlets. Parking will be restricted when an emergency is declared and residents will have a limited time to move their vehicles once an emergency is declared.

Vehicles may be towed if parked in restricted areas during a snow emergency. The streets affected in Corn Hill are South Washington and Peach Streets. More details will be posted when they become available.

On a side note, per city code, parking on city streets is limited to twelve hours unless otherwise noted by signs or parking meters. Even though a parking zone may allow parking for a period longer than twelve hours, streets with alternate side parking, for example, drivers are required to move their cars if parked for twelve hours.

Vehicles parked for more than twelve hours are subject to being ticketed, towed, or both. While this may rule may rarely be enforced, it is worth noting, particularly during winter months when snow removal is a priority. It is also important to note that cars displaying Corn Hill Parking permits are not subject to the twelve hour rule and may park for as long as parking is otherwise legally permitted.

Sidewalk Maintenance

With winter quickly approaching, residents are reminded that per city code (, it is the responsibility of homeowners and residents to remove snow and ice from sidewalks adjoining their property after a snow event. Snow that has fallen after 8pm must be removed by 9am the following morning. Snow that falls after 9am must be removed by 8pm the same day. The city will plow sidewalks after a snowfall of four or more inches to assist residents with snow removal. This is a supplemental service and does not remove the responsibility of homeowners and residents to remove snow from their sidewalks, including snow that may remain after city plows have come through.

If you are a tenant, please review this code with your landlord to clarify if the landlord or tenant is responsible for sidewalk snow removal. If you are a member of a home owner’s association, please review with the association.

Clean Up After Your Pet

Also, as a reminder to pet owners, please clean up after your pet after they have “done their business”. Last winter was very problematic for pet waste being left on sidewalks and there have been many cases of dirty sidewalks this fall as well. There are pet waste disposal stations on Avery Mall and on the river trail just south of Corn Hill Landing including pet waste bags and a trash bins. Please use these stations and other trash bins throughout the neighborhood to dispose of your pet’s waste.

Hydrant Heroes

For more information on how to adopt a hire hydrant during the winter please visit How to Become a Hydrant Hero.