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WEST RIVER WALL STUDYPlease join us as we host a Public Meeting to further discuss Rochester’s West River Wall. The purpose of this meeting will be to refine the communities thoughts and vision and present the findings of the study, the draft master plan, flood prevention measures, and the overall implementation strategy. It is important that this study reflect the needs and visions of the community, therefore we would like to hear from each and every one of you as we finalize the master plan, your voice is important to us.

The Public Meeting is scheduled as follows:

Tuesday – November 25, 2014
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Church of Love Faith Center
700 Exchange Boulevard
Rochester, New York 14613

This study helps strengthen the framework for altering this corridor into one that connects and engages the surrounding neighborhoods, businesses, and educational institutions with our vibrant riverfront. This community based study will serve to promote and guide us as we continue to discuss and define the next chapter.

Should you require additional information prior to the November 25th meeting, feel free to call me directly at (585) 428-6852 or via email [email protected]. With your continued help, we can truly make a difference.