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“Welcome” – Corn Hill Public Art Sculpture

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"Welcome" - Corn Hill Public Art Sculpture

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The Corn Hill Neighbors Association is proud to announce the latest piece of public art installed in our neighborhood.

The new piece is called “Welcome”. Fabricated out of steel, the sculpture contains two open doors, representing the neighborhood’s policy of welcoming everyone, from every background. We are proud to be a very diverse neighborhood.

The “Welcome” sculpture was installed yesterday on South Plymouth Avenue, at Exchange Blvd, just outside of Panzari’s restaurant. It is 9 feet tall, 9 feet wide and weighs over 4,000 pounds.

The sculpture was designed by Amelia Toelke, an artist in Chatham, NY. It was fabricated by Thinking Outside the Square, from Buffalo, NY. The Corn Hill Neighbors Association paid for the sculpture, using proceeds earned from the Corn Hill Arts Festival.