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Walk the Walk – Public Performance

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Walk The Walk teaches about our shared heritage.

Walk-the-walk-283x300Austin Steward never gave up on his dream of owning his own shop. Despite great obstacles he faced, including threats and bullying, the former slave became successful businessman and the proud proprietor of one of the finest meat markets in town. Many have heard the name of Frederick Douglass, but did you know he was a world traveler? He crossed the globe, speaking to heads of state and kings. Yet despite his stature, his wife Anna struggled daily for equal treatment while home raising their family. And George Brown was once bought and sold like property for $1,450. This incredible man also served his country in the Civil War, and actually fought on both sides of the conflict!

Each of these folks – some of Rochester’s most remarkable citizens – helped to pave the way on the long road towards equal rights for all people. Come join us as they return to the city they made home to entertain, educate and inspire during Walk the Walk: Encounters with Rochester’s African-American Ancestors.

Now in its 15th year, Walk the Walk is offered to the public during a single performance only, at Mount Olivet Baptist Church, 141 Adams Street, Rochester. The public performance will take place Friday evening, February 8th at 7 PM.

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[Please note: This performance on February 8 at 7 PM is the only public performance. School performances take place February 5, 7 and 8 at 10 AM. Advance registration is required for the school performances. Please see our Events Calendar page for information about these school performances.]