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VoteTilla will disembark at Corn Hill Landing

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In 1917, New York State granted women the right to vote, a privilege that was denied to other women across our nation for three more years until the Nineteenth Amendment made suffrage more universal.

To celebrate the centennial of this historic event, the National Susan B. Anthony Museum and House is planning a weeklong event called VoteTilla that will run from July 16 to 22.

Starting from Seneca Falls, a number of boats will travel the Erie Canal. Each evening, the boats will stop at different locations where, according to Anthony House president and CEO, Deborah L. Hughes, “Educational, historical, civic organizations and community members can come together to host events, greet the passing boats, and participate in special events, on both land and water.”

The final stop will be the Corn Hill Landing where we expect to have neighborhood participation before the adventure ends with a parade to the Anthony House.

by Jim DeVinney

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