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UR Handmade Surgical Mask Donations

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university of rochester medical centerThank you for generously offering to sew handmade surgical masks to support UR Medicine as we work to meet the unprecedented challenges COVID-19 presents to our community and health care system.

Before You Start

Please go to for instructions on how to make masks.

Please Note: When making these types of masks, it is better to use multiple layers of looser weave material than a single layer of densely woven material. At this time, we are not providing materials or kits; we are depending on community generosity for this supplemental effort to protect our patients, clinicians and community.

If you are including filter inserts with the masks you donate, please seal them in a separate package or leave them in the manufacturer-sealed package (apart from the masks), as all handmade masks will be laundered for sterilization—a service generously provided by Collegetown Dry Cleaners.

Our needs are rapidly changing. Please visit our COVID donations page at to learn about other ways you may like to help.

Delivering Your Donations

We are accepting deliveries of handmade masks only at our College Town Donation Center, where we can maintain the greatest amount of social distancing, and process your donation in a way that is safe for everyone. Please do not bring your donation to one of our hospitals.

We can also accept manufacturer-sealed N95 masks at this location.


40 Celebration Dr. Rochester, NY 14642
Please park in the College Town Courtyard lot; enter through the double-doors pictured below (Look for the “Donation” signs); place your donation on the table at right upon entering the space. If you have any trouble finding our donation location, please call us at 585-275-2420 or email [email protected].


9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday–Friday (hours subject to change)


Please package your mask donation in a clean plastic bag, cardboard box or other sealed container, and place a label on the outside with your:

  • Name
  • The contents and quantity
  • Your email or phone number

Thank you for your support and generosity!