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United Way Day of Caring

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United Way Day of CaringOn May 10th, 2012, Corn Hill neighbors Mary Howard and Rob Goodling organized a garden planting with Nathaniel Rochester School for the United Way Day of Caring.

Mary Howard is the Corn Hill Neighbors Association liaison to school #3 so she planned the activity. Mary had her SUV packed with plants and flowers and garden tools etc. Rob was there manning the shovel, digging holes for the plantings and giving encouragement.

24 children from 2 classes participated.

  • The children were sweet: First Graders (20 total) and Second Graders (4) total
  • The Teachers were: Second Grade Mrs. Rhodes
  • Teachers First Grade Mrs. Klotz and Mrs. Tellier

The kids worked hard and had fun making their school grounds look more beautiful.
The plants were donated by Corn Hill neighbors, Home Depot and Sue Cavaleiri from W. Irondequoit.