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The Fast & The Furriest 2013

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The Fast & The Furriest® 10K, 5K, Dog Walk, & Pet Fest benefits Rochester Animal Services.

The Fast & The Furriest - Rochester, NYThis event promotes the City’s animal shelter, its program, and boosts adoptions and volunteer recruitment. This event will impact Corn Hill Neighbors due to street closings during the walk/run. However, we also invite you to participate in this event to raise awareness and funds for the animal shelter or just come out to cheer on the runners. Thank you for your support.

About the Event

NAME: The Fast & The Furriest® 10K, 5K, Dog Walk, & Pet Fest
DATE: June 8, 2013
TIME: 7:55 am-9:30 am (10K race 8 am, 5K at 8:15 am)
WHERE: See map (5K is contained within 10K route)
INFO: Call 727-2533 or visit and or email [email protected]
CONTACT: Chris Fitzgerald at [email protected]

Streets Closed:

The Fast and The Furriest Map 2013

Click for larger image.

  • Verona St. (Smith to Morrie Silver Way)
  • Jay St. (Plymouth to Oak)
  • Brown St. (State to Oak St.)
  • Plymouth Ave. (Closed from Inner Loop to
  • Jay St. and from Broad to Exchange Blvd)
  • Open southbound from Inner Loop to
  • Main St.
  • Spring St. (at Plymouth)
  • Atkinson (at Plymouth)
  • Exchange Blvd. (Main St. to Ford St.)
  • Open southbound Fitzhugh to Ford
  • Troup St. (Plymouth to Exchange)
  • Court St. (South Ave. to Exchange)
  • Broad St. (Exchange to Plymouth Ave.)
  • Main St. (State St. to Plymouth Ave.)
  • Fitzhugh St. (Main to Church St.)
  • Fitzhugh St. (Troup to Plymouth)
  • Note: 5 am – 3 pm Verona St. closed
  • (Jay to Brown) for Pet Fest

Verona Street Animal Society

The Verona Street Animal Society, Inc. (VSAS) is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization established to help support the mission and programs of the City of Rochester’s Animal Services Section.