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Thank You from the Beautification Committee By Joanie Fraver

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BeautificationAs colder winds blow, the Corn Hill flower pots have made their way to their winter home! All have been “de-flowered” and moved to either Avery Mall or Goverts Corner.

As a lover of summer, I’m always sad to see the pots moved ….and am already looking forward to the time we can enlist volunteers for the Adopt-APot project for next year. The flower pots add so much to the welcoming charm and beauty of our neighborhood. If as a volunteer, you haven’t heard how much neighbors appreciate them, rest assured that it has been voiced many times, from neighbors and visitors alike. So a big “thank you” to all those volunteers who make this project successful.

Our adoptive parents this year were:

  • Cheryl Arena
  • Ann and Nick Tamburrini
  • Joyce Steel
  • Pate Gately
  • Janet Robinson
  • Keith Davis
  • Madeleine Grandon
  • Stu Levy
  • Joanie and Pete Fraver
  • Bill Belecz
  • Chris McCormack
  • Robert Galloway
  • Richard Sarkis

A special thanks this year to:

  • Cheryl and Joe Arena for all the trimming at Goverts Corner, and for caring for the peace park on Troop Street.
  • Pete Fraver for moving all the pots in the spring and preparing them for planting, as well as putting the pots to “sleep” for the winter.
  • Bob Conklin and Pete Fraver for their valiant attempts to grow grass in Lunsford Park and Avery Mall
  • Pat Gately for watering the hanging baskets at Lunsford Circle
  • Carolee Conklin for watering the tree-base flower beds at Corn Hill Landing
  • All of the neighbors who helped in any of our clean-up efforts this year, especially the men from the Rochester Correctional Facility

Thank you from all your Corn Hill neighbors! Keep those thumbs green for next year!!