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South Plymouth Avenue Improvement Project

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South PlymouthIn conjunction with a street resurfacing treatment, South Plymouth Avenue will receive traffic calming features intended to slow vehicles down and make the area safer and more pedestrian and bicycle friendly.

  1. Installing a curbed median with grass and trees extending from South Fitzhugh Street to Exchange Boulevard. The medians, along with the addition of a tree canopy, will add to the historic appeal of the Corn Hill neighborhood.
  2. Installing bike lanes and shared use bicycle lane markings (also called “sharrows”) on South Plymouth Avenue.
  3. Narrowing of South Plymouth Avenue at South Fitzhugh Street and Atkinson Street with the use of curbed bumpouts.
  4. Installing pedestrian crosswalks at South Fitzhugh Street.
  5. Replacing the brick crosswalk on South Fitzhugh Street at South Plymouth Avenue with a durable, brick-patterned stamped asphalt product.


For more information from the City’s website, including photos, a schedule and contact information, please click here.