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Sidewalks and Home Owner’s Duties

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Corn Hill Neighbors Need to Shovel their Sidewalks, It's the LawCorn Hill has long prided itself as being a walkable neighborhood. Many residents walk downtown to work; PAC-TAC teams walk the neighborhood keeping us safe; Dog owners exercise their pets on our sidewalks; and hundreds of visitors walk our Historic Wellness Trail sites.

This year our sidewalks have been especially treacherous as the snow has turned to ice and that ice has accumulated. According to Rochester City Code regulations:

“Property owners have a legal obligation to clear sidewalks adjacent to their properties of obstructions including snow, ice, and snowplow residue.” (Check out City Codes at

In the case of absentee landlords, tenants might sometimes need to help out.

In addition to our snowy sidewalks, some dog owners seem to have become careless about picking up after their pets, making pedestrian efforts even more difficult. Again, this is in violation of our City Code.

A third issue involves shoveling the snow around fire hydrants. When Fire Departments are called to house fires, every second counts, and taking several extra minutes to get water from a hydrant could make all the difference in extinguishing flames in time to prevent serious damage.

It hasn’t been an easy winter for any of us, but all Corn Hill home owners and neighbors are encouraged to be responsible and considerate.